Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Something About Love. . .

From My Heart !! Love can make we all smile. .
thats a love. . but something it's realy hurt !! so watch out to LOVE !!

love ???

what u think about love ??
why 'they' came to me. .
hurt my heart again and again. . . 

its really hurt when u miss some one out there,
but they dont remember who u r. .
why they came ??

its absolutely hurt. . 
when love gone. . 
around word like ' stop ' !!
do i make anything wrong or hurt u love ??

but u SILENT !!
can i have any answer if u like this. .
love came give me answer. . 
where are u love ???

love make me crying
when i look around
i just see u. .
i crying and crying
thats only can i do. .

p/s : my own heart say !! 

Love LARA. . . 

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